JSB Exact King Heavy MK 2 .25

Pris: 105:-

Round Nose .25 Pellets

The Exact King MKII Heavy is JSB's newest pellet in the .25 caliber market. This pellet maintains the quality of previous JSB pellets with consistency of quality and hard hitting power. The round headed design makes the pellet more stable and aerodynamic for the power of the big .25 caliber air rifles. The MKII differs from the standard JSB King Heavy with a longer skirt and slightly smaller diameter body. Shooters interested in finding a pellet which groups well with a particular airgun should be sure not to overlook testing this pellet. Customers have reported this pellet working well in the more powerful .25 air rifles such as the Rapid Air Weapons HM1000x, Hatsan BT65 QE and FX Bobcat,impact, etc.

Caliber .25 Weight 33,95 grain Quantity 300 Head Type round nose