Lane Regulator Mk8 Lancet

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Regulator Kit - by Lane

Sold as a Regulator Kit with Spare O-ring Seals, Lubricant, Instructions, (Drills, Outlet Valve Spring & Packers depending upon Make, Model, Calibre & Power). The regulator its self is pre-tuned to the specifications you supply us with prior to checkout.

Our MK8 Lancet has many refinements that produces the best results, and which in-turn are a step up from the MK7. Benefits which can be obtained from installing our regulator are as follows

Flattening out of the distinctive power curve or drop to a near straight line.

Increased shot-to-shot consistency which greatly aids better accuracy down range.

Reduced noise at the muzzle due to more efficient use of air = Increased stealth and efficiency when hunting,

On many medium power (12ft/lb 16J) airguns more time shooting / having fun and less time refilling your airgun.

So whether you are a serious airgun target enthusiast, who requires the very best performance from his / her airgun set-up, a keen hunter or a back garden plinker, our lancet regulator can definitely help you get more shots on target.