Brocock Compatto FAC

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Brocock Compatto

No other airgun looks like it or performs like it. Its bull-pup style carbine-length shortens the Compatto to just 34 inches (864mm) but retains a full legth 18 inch (457mm) barrel and a 150cc air tube for maximum shots and power. The Compatto is all new, nothing has been left to chance from its high-tech polymenr stock to an all metal 10 shot magazine. The Compatto takes Brocock to a new design standard.

Super accurate semi bull pup design Shot capacity of 28 shot (high power) and 90 shots (at 12 foot pounds) per charge Removable self-indexing 10 shot rotary magazine Synthetic ambidextrous stock Slingshot hammer system Two Stage trigger Paddle safety catch Full length, built in fully baffled silencer (carbine) with optional adaptor for second stage silencer Available up to 35 ft/lbs muzzle energy license 9,9 joule in license free Weight 3.17 kg Length 34 inches , 22 calibre

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