Marlin Cowboy BB gun

Pris: 699:-
Marlin Cowboy BB gun
Lever-action spring gun
700-rd reservoir
Open sights
Durable, synthetic, wood-grain stock
Sized for younger shooters
The new Marlin Cowboy, synonymous with Annie Oakley--"Little Miss Sure Shot"-- is styled for shooters who appreciate the nostalgia of old-west Cowboy Action Shooters.
The Marlin Cowboy is classic in its look and feel.
Sized for youngsters,
it’s ideal for entry-level shooters and intended to satisfy the demands of young shooters at any skill level.
The innovative, ratcheted lever helps protect young shooters from the annoying lever snap-back noticed on some other lever-action rifles.
The ratcheted lever remains in position until it’s fully cocked before allowing it to gently return to the stock--no matter how far it’s cocked.
This BB air rifle is both lightweight and dependable, making it the right choice for developing lifelong shooting and marksmanship skills and for teaching safety.