FX Royale 400 laminat

bilden visar en royale 500
Pris: 10690,00:- Ordinarie pris: 10690:-

FX Royale 400 med nya Minelli laminat kolven begränsat antal otroligt fin kolv för er som söker det lilla extra. I övrigt samma som Royale 400 kaliber .22 eller .177 magasin och fyllnippel ingår som alla andra fx vapen

Without a doubt one of FX Flagship! Fredrik Axelsson spent two years in developing and testing the Royale breech block and valve system before it was put into production. Incorporated into the new breech block is a super smooth and effortless side lever. Cocking system and spring tensioned magazine. Adjustable match-grade trigger for crisp, precise release of the shot and a 3-step patented power adjuster that allows for super-fast selection of the required power level. The power adjuster will also repeat itself with absolute precision. The 400 cc air supply provides many super accurate shots from the Smooth-twist barrel. The Royale 400 is a lightweight super gun. Quiet in report with the included suppression system.Recoil free. Kommer nu med regulator från fabrik