Daystate Kompressor

Pris: 26900:-

Daystate is proud to announce an improved and upgraded type 2 auto compressor with automatic shut-off, hour counter and other improvements. Like the type 1, the unit is a compact 230 volt electronic air compressor, suitable to charge air tanks up to 300bar.

All Daystate compressors contain a superior and sophisticated air filtration system that delivers breathing quality air quietly - and at speed; capable of filling a 10 litre bottle from empty in 20 minutes and can top up from 150bar in less than 10 minutes, making it ideal for an independent shooter, club or shop.

The type 2 is fitted with a large easy to read pressure gauge that can be set for the pressure required – at which point the unit will automatically switch off.

Weighing around 43 kg the new unit is portable, self-contained and comes with a full warranty.

Technical Data

Power 3 Horse Power (2.2 kW) Voltage/Amps 230v/16a Working Pressure 300BAR (4,300 PSI) Delivery Rate 80 Ltrs per Minute Refill Time 10ltr 0-200 bar 20-25 minutes Noise in Decibels 91 dB Weight 43kg Dimensions 575 x 370 x 490 mm