Gletcher GLST51

Blowback .177BB
Pris: 1799:-

GLST51 The Gletcher GLST51 is the world’s first «Stechkin» air gun! The Gletcher GLST51 is a member of the «Russian Legends» series of pneumatic(co2) guns. Identical weight and size, a Blowback system, and realistic feedback give this air replica a high level of authenticity to the original model. Purveyors of firearms will also appreciate that the Gletcher GLST51 may be partially disassembled, similar to its combat counterpart.

Original Soviet design

Weapons that were created in the USSR were simple, robust, and effective. The GLST51 has a Soviet design and was developed according to these principles. The result was a large, trouble-free gun with a large magazine.

Blowback system

In order for owners of this pistol to fully appreciate it and its detailed characteristics, we have equipped the Gletcher GLST51 with a blowback system. This pistol features a realistic slide movement which also adds to the realism and authenticity of shooting this air gun.

Full metal

The Gletcher GLST51 is one of the heaviest guns in the Gletcher family. Our pneumatic version of the “Stechkin” is practically indistinguishable from the look and feel of the original.